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International Partnerships


Rehabilitation of the Allada-Dassa road

EIB will launch studies in 2023 for the financing of this road in Benin and EU financing will be prepared.

Strategic Transport Corridor: Praia-Dakar-Abidjan

In 2023 an agreement will be signed with EIB for the expansion of Banjul Port, Gambia; an agreement will also be signed for the rehabilitation of the Bissau/Safim – Sao Domingos-Mpack-Senegal border, Guinea Bissau; the construction of Bus Rapid Transit lines in Dakar, Senegal will be finished; and an agreement for financing of the Senegal Dakar Public Transport Network will be signed. More about EU-Africa strategic corridors.

Strategic Transport Corridor: Libreville-Kibi/Doyala N’Djamena

In 2023 feasibility studies for the Yaounde bypass road in Cameroon will be completed. More about EU-Africa strategic corridors.

Djibouti second airport development project

In 2023 the remaining funds from the Fonds d’etudes et d’aide au secteur prive (FASEP) will be used to finance the completion of feasibility studies and allow for a roundtable of potential donors.

Connected Economy and Society in Egypt

This Team Europe Initiative includes a project to modernise the Alexandria Area Control Centre (ARCC), whose technology is now obsolete. In 2023 approvals of an AFD loan and European grant will take place.

Strategic Transport Corridor: Mombasa-Kisangani

In 2023 there will be a signature with the EIB and AFD for the Nairobi Green Mobility/Bus Lines (BRT 3). More about EU-Africa strategic corridors.

Port of Pointe-Noire Infrastructure, Republic of Congo

In 2023 works to extend and upgrade the port infrastructure will begin.

Global Maritime Green Corridor

The initial production target is of 6 million tonnes per annum of methanol for green shipping. In 2023, private sector participants will finalise the feasibility study for the first phase in Morocco and Egypt.

Railway Corridor VIII: North Macedonia-Bulgaria

The railway corridor is part of the strategic Trans-European Transport Network. It is a multi-modal transport network that includes sea and riverine ports, airports, roads and railways. In 2023, grant agreements and construction contracts will be signed.

Tramway Rabat III

Team Europe will mobilise AFD and EIB loans and an European grant to finance the extension of Rabat tramway network to distant suburbs. The loans will be approved in 2023.

Regional Railway Surabaya

In 2023, contracts will be signed for the upgrading and electrification of the suburban train in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Southeast Asia Regional Economic Corridor and Connectivity

This project includes the upgrade of Laotian National Highway No. 2. In 2023, the report of the evaluation mission will be released and talks on EIB co-financing will be held.

Green and Digital logistics Corridor in Angola

This corridor between the ports at Sines and Barra do Dande will contribute to the security of the supply chain in the agri-food sector and support a green energy and critical raw materials supply chain, promoting economic and social development. In 2023 the Sustainable Investment Facilitation Agreement will be signed.

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