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International Partnerships

Global Gateway funding

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Funding opportunities

See Global Gateway tender and grant opportunities on the European Commission's Funding & tenders portal.

€300 billion
Mobilised in investments by 2027
€53 billion
Guarantee volume
€232 billion
Sustainable investments

Sources of financing

EU and EU Member States will mobilise infrastructure development investments of up to €300 billion in the years 2021-2027.

This includes up to €135 billion worth of investments made possible by the EU and €145 billion of planned investment volumes by European financial and development finance institutions, complemented by grant financing.

European Fund for Sustainable Development +

Our new and main risk-sharing instrument for the period 2021-27 is the European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus (EFSD+). It will be 10 times bigger than its predecessor, the EFSD, applied globally, and driven by 2 principles

  • policy first
  • country-driven approaches

It will cover €53 billion in guarantee volume for this period and is expected to leverage up to €232 billion of sustainable investments. Additional financing will be provided by grants to development finance institutions who will combine these, or ‘blend them’, with loans.

Under the EFSD+, the Commission uses ‘blending’ in sectors, markets and operations where the guarantee does not address the relevant bottlenecks. These can be both public and private sector operations.

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Digital - digital connectivity infrastructure

Digital technologies play a key role in our economy and society, allowing online interaction and new ways of living, working and doing business. These technologies require the appropriate infrastructures to function.  

Despite the growing need for connectivity, there still is a significant gap in private and public funding for digital connectivity infrastructure. The Connecting Europe Facility supports Global Gateway investments devoted to safe, secure, and sustainable high-performance infrastructure.

Supporting green investment

The EU will also support partner countries by helping them develop and scale up their markets for green bonds - financing arrangements where the issuer commits to using the proceeds to fund projects promoting the environment and sustainability.